What is Avery Berkel?

Avery Berkel is among top 3 manufacturers of scales in the world with more than 150 years of tradition.

The company is founded in Birmingham 1731. In 1896 it acquires James Watt & Co. foundry .

In 1979 it becomes a part of General Electric Company (GEC now Marconi SPS) and successfully switches from mechanical to electronic scale technology.
Connecting with a company Tronix in 2000 Avery strengthens its UK market position.
ITW was impressed with their success and large market share in Europe so they brought them in as a part of a 18 billion dollar worth global tech group.

Why Avery Berkel?

At the moment Avery is focused on developing fresh food scale solutions for retails and repacking departments. It offers variety of scales, from classic models with configurable keyboards to touchscreens and customer displays for better marketing (advertising, recipes, special offers, etc.)   

Avery Berkel scaling system is at the moment used by half of all retail chains in the world thanks to innovative design and high performance.



Avery retail scaling systems are divided in 3 series and they vary in price, quality and features, from simple IM models to advanced digital scales with modern technology and latest Avery Berkel patent Value Max-level optimizer. Beside numerous awards for product quality and functionality, Avery Berkel also won prestine design award for newer XM and XT scale models. Only few of well-known Avery product users are retail chains Tesco, Sansbury`s and Asda.


M.A.I. Solution & Avery Berkel

M.A.I. Solutions became a regional partner of Avery Berkel in 2012. Our mission and goal are to offer domestic market products and systems of high quality and possibilities that will meet all demands in retail. As a regional distributor M.A.I. Solutions offers its customers all Avery scaling system products for retail currently available and  necessary maintenance.

For all aditional product information and product features go to: http://mai.hr/proizvodi-i-usluge/proizvodi/avery-berkel-pametne-vage/  or contact us on info@mai.hr.

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