Mai Trade / M.A.I. Solutions was founded in 1993 with an idea to provide to Croatian market top quality service of information systems design and development for retail and hospitality industry. Today M.A.I. Solutions is a well-respected company with years of experience and strong network of clients and business partners. Our service provides and resolves everything our clients need for their front office operations. Main tasks are development, installation and implementation of front and back office solutions. Providing great service of software maintenance, and high quality employees training (end users of implemented program solutions), and front office solutions integration for retail and hospitality companies with ERP systems. Particular attention is focused on service and maintenance of POS systems for our clients with a 24h Helpdesk support. We also offer consulting services for implementation of retail systems.



Our mission is to offer to every client the best possible service and fully customized program solution. We want to achieve that by continuous development of new programs, training our employees, educating our clients, and providing high quality support. We want for our every client to feel like a partner in our business, as a foundation for creating long-lasting and quality business cooperation.