Designing and building information systems is a demanding and complex process that involves analysis, design, development and finally the implementation of the system.

Before starting to design the project, as a foundation for a quality outcome, it is necessary to monitor and analyze the needs of the end users, and commit to meet all the information, knowledge and management needs.

As the foundation of the organizational structure of a business, the information system is located in the first place in order to provide better and more secure business operations.
The information system is the base of the organizational system and is the indispensable foundation of any business/company whether it is a small, medium-sized or a Corporation.

The information system represents a set of resource-data, methods, organizations, technical means in order to provide information by collecting, archiving, processing and communicating the same information, which are crucial for making business decisions and for better functioning of organizational systems.
In addition to the image of a real system and decision-making support, information systems rely on artificial intelligence techniques to "extract" information that can help guide the company at the next business decision.
Building an information system is a complex process that meets several stages:
• Planning and defining client requests (familiarizing / verifying documentation, exchange info with the customer)
• Analysis of existing information system and design of the new within the structure of the process, data and resources (user requirements)
• Development (programming, drawing, reporting database schema description ...)
• Testing
• Introduction
• Maintenance
• Upgrade

Contemporary-oriented society and companies cannot imagine doing everyday business operations without the support of a good and reliable information system.

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