Retailers are expanding their online stores offer in order to give consumers more shopping opportunities. Demand for online shopping is growing—but it’s only as successful as your ability to accurately and profitably fulfill the order. Online customers are more demanding than in-store customers, they expect you to select their groceries exactly as they would.

Companies are investing in their e-commerce technology platforms like never before, designing digital shopping experiences to keep everything simple for the customer. However, capturing the orders online is just the first step of this process, and retailers most often encounter various obstacles and problems in the online order processing phase. NCR has a solution.

NCR Power Picking is a solution that optimize online order execution and creates an efficient, organized, guided process for your employees, enabling them to select, label and organize orders accurately and effectively. The solution operates via a mobile tablet that allows store personnel to be focused on collecting products, with the ability to process up to eight different orders at once. It is also possible to customize the wishes of individual customers in case of substitutions and brand preferences, of the quality of certain items (for ex. meat, vegetables), and much more… all in order to meet the high expectations of online customers. After each order item is confirmed, NCR Power Picking generates labels for each container and sets the order for collection or delivery.

NCR Power Picking is designed to operate with NCR's retail solutions and to integrate the overall shopping experience, but it can also be integrated with any other e-commerce solution.

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