NCR global retail solutions for all braches of the retail industry

M.A.I. Solutions is a long-standing NCR development partner for retail software solutions.

We recommend:

  • NCR ARS - Advanced Retail Solution is a software front end retail solution with more than 100,000 licenses worldwide and nearly 2,000 licenses in Croatia. Outstanding operational capabilities and functions are implemented in a way that they operate across all retail channels.
  • NCR Retailx R10 - features unique architecture that integrates all major customer-centric retail functions— customer touch points, store management, targeted promotions and loyalty—within a single platform, enabling rapid delivery of new business capabilities.
  • NCR Power HQ - the challenging task of planning the product portfolio and pricing policy management are essentially simplified. HQ is designed for chains that works with tens of thousands of items, co-operate with hundreds of suppliers, and manage thousands of changes in regular prices and costs
  • NCR Power DAX - optimizes inventory ordering and stock replenishment. The browser-based solution was designed specifically for fast-moving convenience retailers, for the purpose of forecasting the demand of each item within each store, using mathematical precision calculations.
    NCR Power Category Analyzer - is a powerful analytical solution that uncovers the financial impact of every item and every category in each of your stores, and tracks the impact over time.
    NCR Clear Demand - NCR Power HQ and Clear Demand® solutions combine customer demand intelligence with the execution of pricing strategies across online, mobile and in-store channels. The Clear Demand platform analyzes shopping data, recommends prices and promotions, configures and enforces pricing rules, and feeds the price recommendations to NCR Power HQ.
  • NCR Power Picking - is a store-based order fulfillment solution that enables omnicommerce and expands NCR’s eCommerce Click and Collect functionality.
  • NCR CEJ - Central Electronic Journal is a web application for journals and reports of all branches in the organization.


The NCR solutions will enable you to monitor the technological development in the retail industry, highlight the brand of your company, strengthen your relationship with the customer, and secure the market leader.

Products from our offer will reduce your costs, increase sales, and improve your service.