Zebra RS6000 Bluetooth Ring scanner

Zebra RS6000 Bluetooth Ring scanner


The RS6000 is the only wearable scanner on the market that improves task speed with programmable LED lights that are in the user’s direct line-of-sight during scanning activities. With support for multiple colors, you can provide color-coded feedback to direct user activity.

Bluetooth 4.0 provides the fastest and most power-efficient version of Bluetooth yet. And if required, support for Class 1 Bluetooth provides an extended wireless range up to 300 ft./91.4 m.



  • transportation
  • retail
  • manufacturing
  • warehouse management

Technical specifications



2.9 in. L x 2.1 in. W x 1.3 in. D

74 mm L x 54 mm W x 33 mm D



Triggered, with battery: 6.46 oz. / 183 g

Triggerless, with battery: 6.00 oz. / 170 g


Drop Spec

Multiple 6 ft. /1.8 m drops to concrete over the operating temperature range