Zebra terminal za vozila VC8300

Zebra ET80 & ET85 Rugged 2-IN-1 Windows Tablets

Rugged is standard with the ET80, which makes it an ideal match for the manufacturing plant floor. You’re on your feet and on the go. So, we’ve designed the ET80 to be lightweight and sleek, yet durable with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. The fanless thermal design, IP65 rating and wipeable exterior are ideal for cleanroom applications and other particulate-sensitive areas. And with Class 1 Division 2 certification, you can configure it for safe use when flammable hazardous materials are present. Tailor it to work your way with a touchscreen, keyboard or both, along with an ecosystem of accessories.


  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • field monility

Technical specifications


10.87 in. W x 9.37 in. H x 3.54 in. D

276 mm W x 238 mm H x 90 mm D


8.2 lbs/3.7 kg

Operating Temp

-22° F to 122° F/-30° C to 50° C


5% - 95% RH condensing

Operating system

Android 10;

upgradeable through A11/ R*

*Support for future Android OS released past A11/R, are subject to Qualcomm validatio



Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core, 2.2 GHz

IP Sealing