NCR global retail solutions for all braches of retail industry

For long amount of years, M.A.I. Solutions  is the NCR's development partner for retail programming solutions.

Some of the solutions:

  • NCR ARS – Advanced Retail Solution, installed more than 100 000 licences around the world and over 1500 licences in Croatia. Outstanding operative posibilities and functions implemented on a way to work over the all channels of retail.
  • NCR Retailx R10 – certanly the leading global solutions for retail industry. Solution  intended for Tier #1 Retails, Omni channel solution. Solution which is used by the world's largest trade chain.
  • NCR Retailx HQ Merhandising, challenging tasks of planning the product portfolio and managing the politics of price setting, are now simplified. Variety store chains, working with ten thousands products, are cooperating with hundreds of suppliers and they succeed to manage thousands of price and costs changing.
  • NCR Retail DDR – (Deman Driven Replenishmen) – Aplication for suply managing coordinated with demand. Creates perfect order for your retail facility for the exact number of goods required in your store. Prediction Algoritams use demand signals, upcoming promotions, history pattern of costumer behaviour and events calendar for purpouse to predict the exact information.

NCR solutions will contribute you to ensecure tracking of tehnological progress in the retail industry. It will point out Your company's brand, fortify your relations with costumers and enssecure a leading position on the market.

Products in our offer will reduce costs, encrease sale and improve service.


Complete front end solution for retail


NCR Retalix R10 – leading world solution for retail industry


Improve the system for the price policy, product and supply managing.


Maximizing profit with excellent supply managing