NCR StorePoint

NCR StorePoint

NCR StorePoint is the world's leading software Point-of-Sale solution designed for gas stations, stores and restaurants (Quick Service) which consist:

  • Fully integration of all activity and functions
  • Control of tanks, pumps and transaction via
    • 3rd party FCC (DOMS, Allied, Wayne, Postec, Htec, Petrovend and others)
    • Application’s controllers like Tiger & RFS
  • Pay-in-Store, Pre-pay, Pay at Pump, Pay Attendants
  • Set of discounts, promotions, mix and match promotions
  • Suggestive sale
  • Time & Attendance – registration time, pause
  • PCI Compliant
  • Integration of Security system and video surveillance
  • POS Electronic journal


Key benefits: POS

Fully integration of food services – a unique system. It include:

  • Food preparation (recipes, preparations)
  • Food offer with price lists and menus
  • Kitchen's monitors and printers
  • Touch user interface, flexible UI, low training costs
  • Integrated EFT POS devices
  • Integrated e-services/products
  • Wet-Stock overview at POS
  •  Integration of other devices (safes, video cameras etc.)
  • On-line with Loyalty-Pro software solutions for customers with loyalty cards as well as promotions and campaigns for all other customers


PCR Back Office

Back Office solution include:

  • POS administrations
  • Access control and authentication
  • Cash management
    • Cash register state and reports
    • Safe management
  • Registration time of employees
  • Electronic journal on the level of retail shop
  • PCI Compliant
  • Wet-stock reconciliation
  • Multi-site, multi-stock locations
  • Financial state and stock management including HHT
  • Operational and analytical reports
  • Import and export from/to HQNet – with checking dana


Key benefits: BackOffice

Cash Office

  • Reduce time and processes when determining cash register state
  • Reduce time of discharge and debit of every POS cash register

Office Today Dashboard

  • Reduce time for overview and problem solving of in-store integration

Back Office is a central place of complete integration


  • Food production planning
  • Table service capabilities


HQNet (for Convenience)

  • Managing multiple trade groups and trade profiles
  • Possibility of configuration stores by central point
  • Suitable for one or more banner settings (multi-retailer / multi banner setup)
  • Extensive access and authorization control
  • Chain wide validated data repository
  • Central transactions repository
  • Central operational and analytical reports which allow overview of
    • Preventing loss
    • Cancellations / refund
    • Actions without sales
    • Safety monitoring
    • Inventory status
  • Integration with ERP and/or other 3rd party application across single point


Key benefits: HQNet

  • Browser based system – lower costs for upgrades
  • Central management and data consolidation
  • Infrastructure for Loyalty Pro
  • External Maintenance – catalog import from suppliers
  • Central electronic journal
  • Central display of all retail locations and stock as well as purchase activity and sales