Tracking patients and laboratory samples in healthcare facilities is mandated in many jurisdictions. Datalogic offers a full line of fixed imagers and scanners as well as handheld scanners and mobile computers that are designed specifically for bedside point of care, prescription administration, patient identification, and laboratory sample traceability.



Medical device and pharma manufacturing and distribution brings life saving products to hospitals, pharmacies, care givers, and patients for administration. Assuring these products are manufactured to exacting specification requires Datalogic vision and marking system that properly dispense, track, label, and inspect medications and devices. Assuring these items are properly traced throughout the supply chain required Datalogic fixed imagers and scanners or its handheld scanning and mobile computers. These devices read and verify lot numbers, manufacturing information, expiration dates, and more stored on 2D bar codes at the device, carton, and pallet level.



We offer the following products for the healthcare industry:


Gryphon GD4100 HC represents the premium line of Datalogic ADC’s general purpose handheld data collection products.


The key mission of scanners in the healthcare industry is to improve the quality of patient care while reducing medication errors.


Capitalizing on Datalogic's legendary ergonomics, the Elf PDA (personal digital assistent) packs unprecedented features into a compact form factor built for single handed use. Use of an accelerometer eliminates awkward presentation of on screen data and a unique guitar pick stylus provides for intuitive touch screen navigation.