It is our great pleasure to announce that we have become a partner of the American company Boca Systems, the leading provider of printing solutions on the market.

For 26 years, since their invention of a thermal printer in 1985, Boca Systems with their expertise and experience develops the most reliable fast thermal printers for printing tickets, labels, receipts, and wristbands with desktop, POS and kiosk applications.

Their printers are the perfect choice for a variety of industries and business segments. For passenger terminals, regardless of the type of transport, for large events such as music festivals, for cinemas, theaters, amusement parks, etc. There is a wide range of their applications, their possibilities big, and the quality superb.

Beside their products Boca Systems offers to its customers the possibility of designing their print materials, fully customizing it to their needs.

Boca printers are your secure investment.

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